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Age of mythology gold edition crack file

age of mythology gold edition crack file

Hero costs decreased by 30 (rounded by 5).
Ajax, Theseus and Jason train time reduced from 9 to 4 seconds.Wall repair rate reduced.Sun Ray power now affects Medusa units.Greek unique units can now be trained with hotkeys in Archery ranges, stables, military academies.Long-range siege from the Palace ( Mythic Age ).Snowy maps the book of desires full should be less bright now.Advancing to Helious now displays the correct message.Oracles spawn instantly instead of being delayed, and they no longer scatter.Hippolyta can no longer be thrown.Improved texture compression, resulting in better image quality.Walking Woods always spawns 8 Trees as long as theres enough targets.(Used to be 75 accurate on 7-8 trees.) Ballista now auto-attack units instead of buildings.Other buildings will continue to do so once they are completely built.Isis Monuments have now 20 less hitpoints.Sarissa favor cost reduced from 20.Update : This still works snooper s7000 truckmate user manual on Windows interface dll csgina dll Vista, Windows 7 Windows.
Argo units now has the hero tag.