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General instrument cable box remote codes

general instrument cable box remote codes

Initialization of the Remote Control Application and Interaction with Other Applications.
10/287,389 entitled System and Method for Interacting with a Program Guide Displayed on a Portable Electronic Device of like assignee, which is incorporated herein by reference in windows 8 start panel 3.0 unique product key its entirety.
The avatar may be a 3232 bitmap stored in the user profile.
If there is only one configuration file, ebooks of mechanical engineering pdf then that configuration file may be loaded.It will also be appreciated that this region selection parameter may also be used internally by the remote control application for other purposes as well, for example it might be used to select one of several possible sets of Help data in different languages, either.Related application information, this application is a divisional.S.In addition to redefining underlying key functionality as described above, the user may also be offered the option of adding new keys or editing existing keys.15 c, for entry of a new username 1510 and, by way of example only, an optional password or personal identity number (PIN) 1520 which would be needed to authorize future changes to the profile being setup.The results of using a setup wizard may be saved into configuration files 542, 543 to be subsequently referenced by the remote control application when needed.In addition, since the controllable devices generally uses an IR wavelength different than that used by IrDA, the exemplary platform is also equipped with an IR transmitter IC 204 and separate LED 206 suitable for use with device IR control.Alternatively, key assignments may be changed by use of the hard key 102 c as described earlier.These functions will be described in more detail in the following paragraphs.Additionally, an intermediate size (3636 pixels for example) may be provided for display of secondary devices.I believe these are codes for the Jensen remotes only, but the code look-up is for.Test functions 1432 may or may not be displayed with text labels indicating their designated functionsthe example 1432 shown in FIG.That are not yet setup may be displayed on the remote control home page such that the iconic representation of the device, activity, favorite, etc.1 and 2 there is illustrated a system in which a PDA device 1150 is adapted to provide wireless control of consumer appliances such as home entertainment equipment 1120, lighting 1122, and temperature control 1124.If button 102 b is pressed when the application is active, but in low power state, the current page may be displayed.It may also handle input from a speech recognition software engine, for example the IBM ViaVoice brand software installed by default on the iPAQ 3950 brand PDA, or such other speech recognition applications as may be available.It will be appreciated, however, that editing an existing room might be a similar process.The resources include the IR database, icons, emachines t2958 media reader driver bitmaps, dialogs, etc.Macro Table As illustrated in exemplary Table 9, the macro table contains data fields for describing attributes of a macro function.
Operating Environment It is anticipated that the major operating environment for the PDA 1150 would be the living room/home theater room in the home.
Learning The learning object 531 is utilized to control the learning of a byte sequence via the required protocol stack, for example data acquired via the shared IR/IrDA input 214 to the IR transmitter IC 204.