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Hp laserjet 2550 manual

hp laserjet 2550 manual

Since I also wanted to be able to print color images, and because I wanted the printer to use.
To see why I removed the spring that connected the lever to the solenoid and took off the lever.
The flat cable should be folded away, it is supposed to run over the rotary-drive assembly.It is not particularly fast, it is bulky and it weighs a ton, but it works for me.Disassembly, in particular, the following parts need to come off just to get to the rotary-drive assembly; left and right cover interface cover formatter cage back cover top cover, all of these steps are well explained in the service manual.After scraping away the remains of the felt pad and removing all traces of the sticky material from both the solenoid and the lever with some solvent, I put six layers of masking tape on the place where the felt pad was.The easiest way to do this when the power is not connected is to stick.g.I would guess that insulating tape would work fine as patch for the ms08 067 vulnerability well.After re-assembly, plug the printer in and print a test page.It turned out that the printer only printed in yellow.Just getting the covers off is hard if you dont know how theyre put on!For this you really need the service manual for the CLJ2550L.The location of the lever is circled in red.It is part of the rotary-drive assembly, which is shown below.As you can see in the picture, you have to rotate the bottom of the cover away from the printer (after removing the screw under the handles) before pulling the cover up.Put those in before re-installing the assembly on the inclined plane and to the left of the bundle of purple cables in the middle of the picture below.Repair, after removing the top cover plate of the rotary-drive assembly, the electro magnet and lever can be unscrewed and flipped (as shown below) over to access the lever.