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Latest version unix os

latest version unix os

(kfujino) Add support for last_access_AT_start system property to Manager web application.
(markt) 50222 : Modify memory leak prevention code so it pins the system class loader in memory rather than than the common class loader, which is better for embedded systems.
Contributions were also provided by Petr Praus, Jonathan Drake Slávka.
Apply the filter on load as well as unload to ensure that configuration changes made while the web application is stopped are applied to any persisted data.Do not stop after first connector that fails.Based on a patch by Alexis Hassler.In some cases the request processing time may have been longer than that recorded.(markt) 57943 : Added a work-around to catch during Poller timeout processing that were causing the Poller thread to stop.(markt) 54060 : Use a simple parser rather than a regular expression to parse http Digest authentication headers so the header is correctly parsed.(markt) 56857 : Fix thread safety issue when calling ServletContext methods while running under a security manager.(violetagg) 57977 : Correctly bind and unbind the web application class loader during execution of the PersistentValve.This typically requires a larger than default AJP packetSize.(kkolinko) Extend the feature decoder dvd windows media player available in the cluster session 5 feet data patch leads manager implementations that enables session attribute replication to be filtered based on attribute name to all session manager implementations.(kkolinko) Web applications Correct the couple of broken links in the Tomcat Javadoc.(markt) Remove the unnecessary registration of context.(markt) 52792 : Improve error message when a jndi resource can not be found.(markt) 27988 : Improve reporting of missing files.Exclude JSR356 WebSocket classes from build path, as they cannot be compiled with Java.(remm) Allow using partial binary message handlers.(markt) Jasper 58110 : Like scriptlet sections, declaration sections of JSP pages have a one-to-one mapping of lines to the file.(markt) 53513 : Fix race condition between the processing of session sync message and transfer complete message.(markt) 52366 : Fix typo in VirtualWebappLoader documentation (configuration example).
(markt) 54628 : When writing binary WebSocket messages write from start position in array rather than the start of the array.
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