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Lost season 6 final episode 12

lost season 6 final episode 12

Desmond is then taken to the room to be tested to makes sure he can survive an electromagnetic event.
Jack replies that he already tried that and that all of this matters.
The C4 detonates, killing Sayid, but sparing the rest of them.During the last episode, fans wrote in to the show and posted comments during dry cracked painful heels the commercial breaks about what they enjoyed, or catchy phrases unreal new computer patch that they thought of for their last 6 years of watching the show.He also beats up Ben, causing him to experience "flashes".The Man in Black tells Sawyer to visit the Hydra Island, to find out information on the Ajira brother vx 1020 manual survivors.As he does, he passes by the white shoe, now worn, still hanging from the branch.Later on, Claire's "friend the Man in Black, stops by her camp.Jack chases Locke out of the cave in a fit of fury, punching him in the mouth and jumping on him when he falls.Claire goes into labor.He reaches the center stone and lifts.When asked during an interview why he wasn't in the final cast photo, Cusick asserted that "It means that I am not a season regular this season, Im only guesting.Sawyer and Miles stay behind to bury Juliet.After using a dharma van to move the debris, they extricate her, but she is beyond medical help and soon dies in Sawyer's arms.Vincent lies down beside him.Widmore reveals to the Man in Black that Desmond is Jacob's failsafe to keep the Man in Black on the island.Sebastian Hospital in the flash-sideways timeline.Jack tells Locke he is a candidate for corrective surgery on his spine, but Locke refuses.Miles sets Sawyer on a date with his father's co-worker at the museum, Charlotte.Desmond takes Kate and tells her that they will go to a concert (the benefit concert).
Claire takes Jin to her hut where she has been living for three years.