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Michelin tire sidewall cracks

michelin tire sidewall cracks

The previous Michelin's I purchased were Click here to write your own.
Not rated yet We bought a 4Runner that came equipped with Michelin Cross kawasaki manufacturer service manual Terrain tires.Not completely satisfied with Latitude Tour HP tire Not rated yet I have a 2012 Honda Crosstour that came with Michelin Latitude Tour HP tires.Also, when you have a tire replaced, have a new valve stem assembly installed at the same time.After 30 years of buying michelin tires for cards and trucks, and getting great milage out of them, the most recent tires I purchased in 2011 for my Acura motorhome xrv 255.80R/22.5 (michelin) My Michilin tires are 5 years old, they have 16,000 miles and.Primacy MXV4 - "Advanced MaxTouch Construction".Michelin Latitude Tour, tires are quiet and wear well treadwise."I drive a Ford sedan and have over 40,000 miles on these Latitude tires, and I still have about half the tread left.It's fall in VT and need to replace.Not rated yet From new, these tires are hard-riding, and not as good in the snow as my Goodyear Triple Treads.Not rated yet So far, on my 70k mile tread Michelin's, I've gone 72k with about 3-4k more miles.The numbers indicate the tires maximum load rating, or the amount of weight the tire can bear (93 stands for 650 kilograms, or 1433 pounds and the letter denotes the speed rating, or how fast the tires can safely rotate (W means 270 km/h,.The European equivalent of the DOT code may also be present (it starts with an e although fewer manufacturers are printing both on a tires sidewall (to prevent gray-market shipments when currency exchange rates fluctuate).Often listed before this number are letters that loosely signify the kind of duty for which the tire was designed: P stands for p-metric and is generally used on passenger cars, LT indicates light-truck duty, and T is for a temporary spare.