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Nikon coolscan ls-2000 manual

nikon coolscan ls-2000 manual

They come at a very high cost though, stretching preview scan times to more than a minute in many case.
Basic information on scanner settings is provided, including the current crop size in pixels, final file size, and settings for certain key features.The accessory APS film adapter and the SA-21 film strip feeder have electrical plugs on their back that carry power and signals between the film transport and the scanner itself.At first contact, this window was a little confusing, but we pretty quickly got the hang.The crude Brightness, Contrast, Red, Green, and Blue adjustments.(On the other hand, if you *do* know what you're doing, the provided CMS seems to be very capable.) another note: The color management system is very powerful, but is also a huge consumer of system resources.Values in between the extremes are stretched to cover the range specified.As mentioned earlier, the various media adapters can be plugged and unplugged with impunity at any time the Coolscan IV isn't actually scanning: The scanner and driver software automatically recognize which adapter is currently in use.Fine is for use with very small defects, but affects image sharpness more."Bit depth" is an important characteristic of digital scanners, affecting both color accuracy and tonal density range.Unless you know what you're doing, leave these settings at the factory defaults.To counter this, we present here a very basic outline of the sequence of operations, with links to the appropriate parts of the more-detailed operating description.Just be sure that you're only changing one thing at a time, or else you'll be doing a bit more clicking down the line.For instance, you could change a red flower to a yellow one, without affecting blue or purple flowers.Finally, Nikon Scan provides eye dropper controls for setting white, gray, and black points directly from the preview image.Color Management Most low-end scanners give you no choice about the "color space" the scan is performed in, simply making some broad assumption about the sort of monitor you're using, and how it is set.You'll be changing a tool and clicking Redraw a lot until you figure out what each one does and how much adjustment results in how much effect.Manual focus adjustment - We found the Coolscan IV's automatic focus to be very effective, especially when using the option that allows you to select a specific (preferably high-detail) portion of the image to focus.The grain pattern is slightly less apparent on the lower-resolution Coolscan IV ED, so the effect wouldn't hp psc 1350 service manual be as dramatic.There's a lot more to say about the details of the test scans we captured, and we say it all on the sample pictures page.