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Relion humidifier user manual

relion humidifier user manual

Para aprovecharal máximo los beneficios del Humidificador de vapor caliente Vicks, seguir las instruccionescuidadosamente.
Humidifiers commonly are found in homes that are located in dry or arid climates, are used during the winter, and usually are.Low moisture in your home can trigger cold-like symptoms such as dry coughs, headaches, irritated eyes and sore throats, as well.DO NOT direct mist nozzle towards walls, furniture, or children.Unit is made for indoor use only.Some hermann hesse pdf english water will empty into thebase.Qxd9/6/069:39 AMPage 19aide À LA clientÈLEAdresser questions et commentaires à:Kaz, IncorportedConsumer Relations Department250 Turnpike RoadSouthborough, MA 01772USAcourriel: ère de mentionner le numéro de modèle.Do not use produ.RCM-832N OM_Rev1.qxd 6/22/06 10:35 AM Page 8 trouble shooting Q: I hear the fan turning, but I dont see any mist.Qxd9/6/069:39 AMPage 25EL relleno continuado No operar el humidificador sin agua en el tanque o sin la bandeja desmontable para elagua, la cámara de enfriamiento y el recipiente para uso medicinal.RCM-832N OM_Rev1.qxd6/22/0610:35 AMPage 2important safety instructionsread AND save these safety instructions before using this humidifierwhen using electrical appliances, basic precautions should always be followed to reduce therisk of fire, electric shock, and injury to persons, including the following:ways place this humidifier on a firm, flat.À laide du dispositif de ver- rouillage réciproque de la chambre de refroidissement, dégager la chambre de refroidissement de la base.
Qxd9/6/069:39 AMPage 29servicio AL clienteenvíe nero latest version 2014 2012 sus preguntas o comentarios a:Kaz, IncorporatedConsumer Relations Department250 Turnpike RoadSouthborough, MA 01772 USAe-mail: favor especifique el número del modelo.
You will know your humidifieris putting moisture into the air as you watch the water level in your tank decreasethroughout the day.