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Turn off monitor full version

turn off monitor full version

String action_media_unmountable Broadcast Action: External media is present but cannot be mounted.
Apps should listen for action_media_mounted and action_media_unmounted broadcasts to be notified when the SD card file system is mounted or unmounted Constant Value: "S_disconnected" action_uninstall_package added in API level 14 Activity Action: Launch application uninstaller.LE_desk_dock" category_monkey added in API level 1 This activity may be exercised by the monkey or other automated test tools.Rect getSourceBounds Get the bounds of line 6 m9 manual save the sender of this intent, in screen coordinates.Annotations should describe the major components or topics of the content.Get complete control over your dual monitors including turning off dual monitors simultaneously, turning off selected monitor, putting different wallpaper on each of the Monitor(s) and much more.Parameters target Intent: The Intent that the user will be selecting an activity to perform.TitleEditor, allows the user to edit the title of a note.Turn Off Monitor Create Desktop Shortcut Create Desktop Shortcut (s) from Turn On Monitor Settings Dialog.Setup creates a Shortcut on Desktop to Turn Off Monitor.For data that is not a content: URI and where no explicit type is included in the Intent, instead the scheme of the intent data (such as http: or mailto is considered.The Software works with Windows 8, Windows 7 and other Windows Operating Systems.Constant Value: "ER_initialize" action_user_present added in API level 3 Broadcast Action: Sent when the user is present after device wakes up (e.g when the keyguard is gone).Intent setData ( Uri data) Set the data this intent is operating.DefaultValue float: the value to be returned if no value of the desired type is stored with the given name.This is a variation of URI_intent_scheme whose format is simpler for the case of an http/https URI being delivered to a specific package name.Callers must indicate the acceptable document mime types through setType(String).
Parameters selectorAction String: The action name of the Intent's selector.
String extra_replacement_extraundle forming a mapping of potential target package names to different extras Bundles to add to the default intent extras in extra_intent when used with action_chooser.