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Vastu shastra software in hindi

vastu shastra software in hindi

1) Elephant's Back: The land which is somewhat elevated in the south, south-west, west or north-west directions is known as elephant's back.
If a hill, huge stone or other unwanted hurdles face the main gate, the owner of the house experiences great obstacles at every step of his life.
Such location is excellent for shops of betel leaves and electronic goods.They also lose their wives, sons etc.South west should be highest north east should be lowest in level.A small plot which has two large plots on either side, seems compressed between them should be avoided.The water moves clockwise.Ladder or staircase right facing the main gate is also an obstacle.Loss of spouse and children.Three side open, south facing plot with entrance in the south.If the house doesn't have more storeys, don't give a backdoor.A good plot always emits a soft sweet smell.Baudhaayana Gruhyashesha-sutra (1-18) However, the rite which appears in the.
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