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Wolverine and the x-men episodes

wolverine and the x-men episodes

Second Love : Emma Frost is set up to be this towards Cyclops but her death makes the development null - made even more null by the series being cancelled.
His RV ends up getting smashed by a MRD helicopter, thanks to Wolverine.Despite this, Quicksilver is able to scavenge a handgun and use it to cause a Sentinel to fall down to its destruction.Silver Samurai: *on the phone* Hora, get everyone into the warehouse.One episode shows that he actually does have fantastic leadership skills and his time with the X-Men has made him well-respected in the mutant community.At the end of the first season, though, the X-Men manage to change history and prevent treasures of the deep arcade game crack the Sentinel uprising.Wolverine wearing his silly original costume in the flashback in Wolverine vs The Hulk.The Complainer Is Always Wrong : Because Logan is a perfectly level-headed leader that makes infallible decisions and always wins his fights and never puts the team at unacceptable risk, the dissenting troubled anti-hero Cyclops must always be wrong.Heel Realization : Warren Worthington II has this epiphany right after he loses what he truly cared about most due to his own actions.He ended up back together with Jean anyway after waiting for the odds to change in his favor.Punch Clock Villain : The MRD could be considered this, even though they aren't focused very much personally.She cracks a Sentinel's chest-laser lens in one episode and.As the axis breaks apart, the now-free psychics use their power to bring Apocalypse out of the axis so he will cease to exist.Abandoned Warehouse : In the second episode, Avalanche levels an entire street of what the news conveniently announces as "empty warehouses".A Day in the Limelight episodes to prevent things from being too repetitive, and the show explores the ".Multiple Man is a member.Magic Pants : Episode 7, "Wolverine.It took the Hellfire Club's interference to cause her to become Dark Phoenix.The Mentor : In the Bad Future, Wolverine was this to Bishop.Evoked (though never outrightly asked by any of the cast) with Jean Grey and Emma Frost in regards to Cyclops, due mostly to the fact that Cyclops is not portrayed with any admirable traits.For his part, Fury defies their objections, maintaining that shield doesn't answer to them and if Fury decides to continue to use them both for his own ends, they won't get two words on the subject.First Girl Wins : Thought that this would be the first Cyclops/Emma Frost coupling in animation?